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Open water swim coaching

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Swim Coaching

Be part of a group course where you can meet other people keen to discover open water swimming as well as develop personal fitness
and health. 

Alternatively, you may prefer the benefits of a one-to-one coaching programme. This option will provide you with a bespoke schedule suited to your personal requirements, goals and aims.

Whichever route you choose, we will be delighted to help you develop a realistic and achievable training programme to help you achieve your goals, and we will support you through this every step of the way.

Motivational Speaking

With a wealth of stories in and out of the water, our speakers have years of insight and experience to inspire, motivate, and entertain your guests.

Speaking on themes of leadership, motivation and overcoming adversity, the speakers have amazing tales to tell. From their first speedos or goggles to the biggest stage of all - Channel crossings. 

Keynote speakers are highly recommended for dinner speeches and events with stories of inspiration and motivation, able to form the catalyst for great change.


Swimming Pool

I first met Andy when signing up for the 2022 Channel Relay swim for JSPCA  in January 2021. I then joined the 2021 team at the last minute due to personal circumstances changing. Andy was supportive and managed to slot me into the team which I am incredibly grateful for. 


With Andy’s experience and background in swimming, I know that I am in safe hands. He has put together a plan for everyone on the team, taking out the stress of trying to work out what to do and when. One month into this plan and I am already confident that come July, we as a team will be well prepared to tackle this challenge and succeed under his expertise and guidance.

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I have signed up to be part of the Swim Smart English Channel Relay 2021 team.  I have found Andy to be very efficient and well organised when corresponding with him to sign up for the challenge and setting up training venues and keeping daily contact.

Andy is Knowledgeable and an experienced swimmer who wants to get the best from all his swimmers.


 Thank you, Andy,

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An incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and experienced trainer.  Always there to support you and give you encouragement to achieve whatever goals you set out for yourself.  


Incredibly dedicated and always willing to go the extra mile.