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Swim Coaching

Swim Smart has a range of different coaching options available from the Open Water Swim Coaching team.

Choose to be a part of a group course where you can meet other people keen to explore the world of open water swimming, as well as develop personal health & fitness.

Or have the benefits of a one-to-one coaching session and programme. This option will provide a bespoke schedule suited to your personal requirements, aims and goals.

Introduction to Open Water Swimming

This program is designed to get you into the open water. No matter your swimming background, whether you’re a novice or strong swimmer, you will improve your swim stroke and learn essential open water swimming techniques including health & safety within the sport as well as equipment.

This will give you the perfect foundations to build upon and progress safely on your open water journey. 

Price per person: £240 for 8 sessions 
(45 minutes per session)


Introduction to Open Water Swimming
(short course)

Want to expand on your open water swimming journey?


Sign up here to this introduction to open water swimming. We will cover topics including safe entries and exits from the water, weather and tides, safe swimming, equipment, hypothermia and after drop as well as cold water shock. You will also get water time to put things in to practice.

We will discuss equipment, in particular, tow floats, and you will receive one to keep, which is included in the price

90 minutes - £40.00 (including a tow float) 


Couch to 1 Mile
Open Water Swim

This 8 week guided course will get you from your couch to swimming 1 mile in open water.  


This course is not for beginners but those who can swim but need a bit of encouragement to get away from EastEnders and Emmerdale. This course will build up over time and will end with a mile swim.

Those who go on to complete the course will gain a certificate.

8 week course (Min 8 people) - £150

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Group Coaching

Swim Smart group courses are where you can meet other people keen to explore the world of open water swimming as well as develop personal health & fitness.

You will join in with other people to make a group of swimmers with similar aims and targets. These group sessions with be training sessions to improve your stamina and technique to assist in you reaching your goals.  From triathlons to swimming races to marathon swims this will improve your speed as well as the social side of open water swimming.

Price per person: prices upon request

One-to-One Coaching

1-2-1 coaching gives you the opportunity to develop your complete range of open water swimming skills, helping you to break barriers and push boundaries en route to becoming an advanced open water swimmer.

We will develop a bond working alongside each other progressing as a team. We work hard, and whatever your needs, ambitions, goals and aims we will reach them together. 

Price per person: from £40


Open Water Camps

Swim Smart open water camps have a limited number of spaces. These camps are tailor made with marathon swimmers and triathletes in mind. 

If you’re looking to do your qualifying swims for your marathon solo or relay swims, or you’re looking for a training week to improve your skills and knowledge for triathlons, then this will be the one for you.

Price per person: from £349


Taster Session

Not sure what is right for you? Or just want a taste of the sea to whet your appetite for open water swimming? Either way, a taster session can be tailored to your needs.

This is ideal for those who are not sure if they want to take up open water swimming but wish to give it a try under the supervision of a qualified coach with a one off coaching session.

Price per person: prices upon request


Swim Smart understands that in the current situations we are facing, an upfront payment can be hard. That is why Swim Smart is committed to providing you with
an affordable payment plan suited to your needs, so that nothing can stop you
getting into the water!

Sessions Include

Technique modifications for open water swimming

Controlling breathing

Managing phobias

How to pace yourself to avoid the red zone

Stroke adaptation for wetsuit swimming in the open water

Swimming confidently close to other people

Sighting whilst swimming

Race tactics

Training tips